My main research interests range from mobile and ad hoc networks, mobile applications and vehicle networks, all kinds of distributed systems to embedded systems. A special focus lies on communication schemes, robust security and usable privacy.

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In 2009, I completed my doctoral thesis (Dr. rer. nat, roughly equivalent to PhD) on
Secure Communication in Inter-Vehicle Networks.

ISBN: 978-3-86853-271-5
Dr. Hut Verlag, 2009

The thesis is available as a hardcover book e.g. via Amazon or directly from the publisher.

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Elmar Schoch
Efficient and Realistic VANET Simulations with JiST/SWANS
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Elmar Schoch
Car-to-car Kommunikation: Funktions-Enabler oder Privacy-Alptraum?
Apps 2 Automotive, Stuttgart, Germany, 2010

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Work in the research community as a conference official, member of the program comitee or simply as a reviewer.

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